I Truely Am Alone

So i guess my story starts about the age of 16 when i truely could understand and apprieciate what love is. See since then to now i have only been truely in love with 3 women out of the rest. Each time it ended in failure as me being the one who got crushed nd my heart ripped out of my chest with a big ol rusty hook! especially this last girl kayleen! well i dont get why im dealt this hand because a few of my friends that are couples for some reason there girlfriends wanna sit there and hit on me and i develope a fine line bit of emotion for them as well but never cross the line because i would never hurt my friends that way! or i hear them say matt where have all the men like you gone! and every once in awhile there girlfriends smirks off there either dead already tooken or gay and i dont fall in any of those categorys! Then every once in awhile i get some really beautiful women that crosses paths with me and im thinking this isnt possible she is way out of my league but then i get shot down by some other random female that dosnt look nearly built but still beautiful? what is it? what am i doing wrong that i just cant find a women that will love me back as much as i love her? what ever happen to being equal? why do people gotta be so greedy in life?
mmatt789 mmatt789
22-25, M
Nov 27, 2012