I Am Lonely

i am feeling sorry for myself, my husband and i have no friend,no not even one .we have moved around so much that we have never made any my husbands job takes him away a lot, i am a quiet person who finds it hard to talk to people, i have 3 children boys the one no longer as anything to do with our family the other is spending christmas with his partners family and my 3rd son is working christmas day so theres just my husband and myself for christmas this year, i dont have a job im stuck in the house all the time by myself i do nothing because its hard doing things alone i just want a friend to talk to to tell my problems to , to go out and do things together but my own kids only visit now and again , we used to have great christmas"s be up at 4 am make the most of christmas day . but now its hard very hard and would you believe we are only 48 and our lives stink, i sit at the computer every day looking at what others do and how lucky they are, this will be our first christma alone, whats the point in putting up decks if its only us thats going to see them whats the point in cooking christmas dinner, ok this time of year is making me feel worse than i usually do. but i feel lonely all the time.
tracysims tracysims
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012


there must be a way to change your situation