I'm Hurt ..

I'm Lonely , I Have No One . When I Need Someone There's No One .. , I Need Someone To Love Me The Way That Would Make Me Happy , IS That Impossible Love ? . I Need To Be Happy Again .. , Seeing My '' Bestfriend '' Date My Ex , Hurts Me A Lot .. Even Though She Asked Me If Dating Him Was Alright With Me , I Said It Was .. , She's Liked Him For A Long Time , I LOVE For Her To Have a Chance .. , EVEN Doe Everyone At My School Thinks I'm Over Him .. , Well I Lied , Cause I Still LOve Hi .. Seeing Him Better Off Without Me , Makes Me Wanna Get Back With Him But I Can't .. , He's Taken By MY Bestfriend .. Wich Sucks ,, Eh . That's Life , I Gotta Live Through The Bullshit ..
Baige Baige
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

message me:) i cant be a boyfriend:/ but i can be a friend:) someone to talk to when your feeling like this!