i need some one....
anyone ......
i have always felt lonely never fully cared for....
people on here understand how it is to be alone and to lose some one.
i have made friends that understand here and its better.....
but i still feel lonely...
no one to hold me and to hold...
my family dont even know i have so much pain and lonelyness

i CANT live this way much longer
i need to know people can give full suport 24 7
even there not there because in my life i havnt had much at all

keep strong and god bless you
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13-15, F
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think you need to change you age that listed probably the problem

i cant because i dont to lie about my age, i am chathic no lies here:)

Add me so we can chat, Would like to help you move on into something where your cared for.

it wont let me add u i am your and u have things i not aloud to see. i think that is stupid its not like i wouldnt know lol i not 2 but if i cant see i cant add sorry wish i could talk.

This is exactly how I feel too. I will also be their for you. :)

thank you so much:)

Same with you. :)

:) your so nice

So are you. But hey I have another friend that feels the same way as both of us if you want to also talk to her. :)

yeah can you get her to message me so i can add her and i think i have add u already

Ok I told her..


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It's not much but I can give you my support. I'm exactly I'm that point of my life, but I don't know if its hope or curiosity to see how things are going to turn out what keeps me going. Stay strong!

i have ran out of hope i living of others hopes now
i know that sounds strange but it is true and thanks for ready
god bless and stay strong

hi keep your mood up, i know how it is, i need someone to hold aswell, but things will get better. talk to me if you need a friend :)

thanks and i will :)

i know what you mean, i've kinda been there.
do keep strong!

thanks :) i will try

Any time ^^