From The Beginning

I was born in December 1968.I was born three months early. From the day of my birth my dad never had anything to do with me. To be honest, I don't remember any love from my mom either. I grew up always feeling like something was wrong with me. Except for being early and living in a hospital for six weeks I was perfectly healthy. I asked my dad many yrs later why he never had anything to do with me. He said it was because he was scared of me dying when I was a baby. I told him after so many yrs that excuse didn't fly. I have attempted many times to build a elationship with him but he would manage to screw it up. I have been married and have two wonderful children. I have been single for two yrs now. She left for reasons beyond my control. I work with thousands of people every day yet I still feel so alone. I feel like I am going to explode or implode not sure which. I feel as if I have so much love to give yet no one to accept it. I am a decent looking guy with a great job but no one o share my time with.
stewlo stewlo
Nov 28, 2012