Hard Start

When I started high school two years ago, all my friends left me. I didn't know who I was or who I wanted to be. I tried many different activities and clubs. I tried Band, Choir, Theater, Sports, etc. Eventually, I ended up hanging out with seniors as a freshman. I dated 2 seniors. I experienced things that most of my friends still haven't yet. I matured faster too. Then during my sophomore year, I found a best friend that is a junior. She is the sweetest thing ever. I also had a group of friends in my grade that were involved in theater, just like me. I like to hang out with them, but they could be a little critical sometimes. Then a little bit into the year, i met this group of guys. They introduced me to their friends. And soon enough, I was one of the guys. I hung out with them more and more for a few months. Every weekend, I would be with them. I texted them constantly, we talked all the time. We would do everything together. I started falling for one of the boys. I asked one of the boys' girlfriends if she would talk to him for me. She did, and she told me that he wouldn't date me because his friends don't like me. I felt so betrayed. The people I thought were my new best friends, and I immediately let into my heart, didn't even like me. I was so caught up in meeting people that thought I was cool and funny, that I was oblivious to the reality. I feel like I've been living a lie... I'm so stupid for believing them when they said they liked me.
lilcat973 lilcat973
Nov 29, 2012