Broken Dreams

When I was 15 I got pregnant. I dropped out my sophomore year of high school so i didn't have to deal with being mocked and ridiculed. The father was someone I was supposed to trust... I was raped for 6 years by my dad and not a day goes by when I don't wonder why I didn't try to stop it. 6 years of torture and fear of going home. My mother didn't know... And still to this day doesn't... I hate the look of sadness in her innocent eyes. I had my son on may 21, 2012... My beautiful baby boy. I ended up pitting him up for adoption and hating myself for it. Now I sit here in a dark room while the love of my life sleeps on the bed... I can't sleep because I feel that these past couple days I've been alone. I look around snd see no one. No friends, no family, no anything. Just me. He's happier at work... He's happier with his friends and I'm just miserable... I don't know I'm just lonely... Is there anyone else out there that will just listen to me? - Alone and confused ;(
Tigxie18 Tigxie18
Nov 29, 2012