† I Am In All Of You

[The Lord speaks.....] When The Body weeps and mourns, I am there. When The Body dies, I lift you up. There is not a part of you in which I am not [in]. I am whole and if you are alive in Me, you know these things, My lambs. You have felt My Touch in your neighbor. You have known Me in the Gentle voice who whispers Comfort and Wisdom to your heart. And you are called to not only be a receiver of kindness rendered, but a giver, a doer as well. You are the agent of My Healing Hand. .....Ah! There, now! You look once again for the magnificent example, when perhaps, your hand's comfort will bring but a moment of Peace to an ailing heart.

Recall this, children, that the least are greatest in My Eyes. Be it you, or your actions, all things are measured by My Insight into your hearts. What you do for the least, you do for Me. Be willing hearts!

Be willing hearts! Willing to give. Willing to receive! Willing to be a part of the whole so that the part who functions has a place to be! Each one unique, yet each a part. For the sake of one another. For your place in Me. For My Place in you. Can you not see it?.....

The Importance of This Teaching? For once you have leaned it, you shall never again "do your own thing" to the exclusion of others. For when you see clearly, you shall see that the Good you have done, and the bad.....has taken its place among The Body. Nothing occurs without its effect. Nothing, I tell you, nothing. The Good has impact as well as the bad. And the nothing you withhold creates a void for which you bear responsibility.

I tell you this: The merest of attitudes which you bear has an action which results and reverberates throughout the whole. Responsibility to your place in The Body is your own. Be aware of your surrounding, O sheep! Go out from yourselves and serve, but bring with you, a willing heart. Perhaps your grandest action will be a gentle smile. Perhaps it is a wink. The very least of actions becomes grand when it is carried by a joy-filled, willing heart. It is for this reason I have bared My Own Heart. Come......bare your own heart to Me, that through Me, we may serve, be bearers of Life to The Body. See? My Word lives! True Life lives! Amen.

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Nov 29, 2012