Christmas Alone

i hate christmas.i do nothing has like evry day i spend it alone,my children all live though out the country and have there own lifes,they dont ask me to join them,has i cant but the presents i use i just pretend its just another day.
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I feel empathy for your pain. My kids are all grown up too and have busy lives that don't usually include me. It has been over 3 years since I have gotten anything more then 1 sentence e-mails from my youngest daughter (age 25). It is very difficult to wake up one day and realise that you have spent your entire adult life caring for your kids only to watch them forget to need you when you need them the most. The only thing I can offer you as an option is get a pet! If it weren't for my service dog who shows his affection for me daily and needs me to care for him as much as he cares for me I think I would go nuts! There is nothing like the unconditional love you recieve from an animal. Especially one who won't grow up, move away and forget about you in the process!

that is so sad if you lived close to me i would make sure you never spent a holiday alone unless you wanted to we dont celebrate christmas but just talking or playing cards or watching a movie would be alot beter than being lonely and left out my mom has lived 6 hours away from me since i moved away from home she has been invited every year and on christmas eve made up a lame story on why she wouldnt be coming now that she is 2 towns away my sister beats me to it because they live in the same town and get to talk more than me and her do

thank you darling wish u lived near me xx

me to i dont like when people are lonely especially when they shouldnt have to be their kids should be more than happy to spend time with them afterall you did give them life and im sure you took care of them until they could take care of their self when i was 12 my best friend was a elderly woman who raised both her kids and grandkids and helped with her great grandkids they lived on the same street and acted like she didnt exist so i would sneak to her house and braid her hair clean her house watch tv with her and she taught me things like to sew and crouchey i liked her alot then we moved out state and i always said i wanted to see her again before she died and when i was in my early 20s my step mom woke me up to tell me she died before they took me to see her i was so upset only person i was ever really able to call a true friend she understood she couldnt touch me even if it was to pat my back without warning me and she never made me feel bad about being different after that i was always wanting to make sure no one grew old without someone who spends time with them like she did she was pretty old when i met her she was almost blind but still found a way to do everything she loved still

I don't hate Christmas. I love it! I just wish I had someone to share it with.

come and share it with me

I'd like that! ;)

Hi I'm working nights for the whole of xmas cause family was too hard. It's just another day

To me, it just another day I know I will cook dinner, and others will be here I am not sure why they get mad at each other and leave.

My x will make out how hard she works again my step daughter, and her will fight as the step daughter will sit and play on facebook or wow and in the end, it just sucks. and I am left with the dreams of the only family I have ever known from as 12 until we both were 19.

That would have been my gf then wife very early in life, but she was killed at 19, and our mother took her own life thinking both the kids she had brought up were dead.

Then her grandparents who always had me over with them, or they came to me until they both walked the bridge in 1974.

I have checkd these places that want you to help a family, but they pick the family for you to help and give you the information and you give the place the gifts for them and to me that is BS

I would love to find a person in Oregon that wanted to see if we could work something out.