Hey I Have An Girlfriend She Braken My Heart

I WAS IN SCHOOL AND I LIKE HER AND SHE CAN SPEAK POLISH AND I CAN SWEDISH AND I FEELING GOOD NER HER . one day i was in music munizem with my school class falow and my teacher . hen i listen the music i say to her like you dance with me she say ok
and we dance togater san we going school back
so when we was in train so all my friend say romeo and julit i say no her is my just friend so we come close and close sen i was sex and i think she was serious with me and that was not some thing efter 1 years i come in pakistan she lift me and going with next guy that going pain for me now i am alone and sad smoking and i hate my life :( :( why that are so in whole life
loverkiss loverkiss
18-21, M
Nov 29, 2012