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I spend many nights alone and I also have no life so like I've said in my other posts I turn to music for happiness. I like to read books or watch a movie play my Piano or guitar since there's no one around to talk to or have fun with it's very sad yes but I've gotten used to it.

So over time I have taught myself how to play guitar and piano maybe my next instrument will be a violin. I think at times I'm a creative person and sometimes I think outside the box I used to have long tossing nights where I couldn't sleep and sometimes I would cry myself to sleep but that was the past.

One of the things I enjoy doing is record myself playing a small piano piece I made it's nothing spectacular but I enjoy it. I like to play the recorded piece at night and let it take me off to slumberland usually it would be a slow piece where I can close my eyes with the music playing and drift off.

Music is something I love and sometimes it takes me to a happier place.
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Piano is so soothing to listen to, especially at bedtime.

I have a Yamaha Keyboard and two electric guitars one is a Ibanez and the other is a Gibson SG.

i do the same too, usually everyone is to busy to hang out or don't even bother to invite me places, so i just stay home practicing on some instruments i got home to ignore the loneliness.

What instruments you got?

Guitar, bass, and ukulele
And yourself?

and a cornet and trumpet...

guitar and keyboards

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Music is my escape too.

thats me but some time my mum takes my music and i cry myself to sleep. but the rest is the the perfect same. if i had to chose music gone of turture for the rest of my life i would chose turture but only if i could still lisen to music lol

I spend my nights alone and listen to music and read, i can't live without it.