Surrounded And Yet Alone

Surrounded and yet alone
among faces of stone
They speak without a sound
Nor bicker or moan

I consider the face I carved
of the one that stares at me
within the looking glass
I see nothing but lines of time
and memories of shattered dreams
like a shadow over a mountain pass.

As faces come and go pretty and crass
Some disguised with clever masks
Yet the lonliness deep within hides in darkened
chambers as echoes of hopeless mutterings
scream to the deaf.

The silent truth speaks rather loud
to the beat of a clamouring crowd
all are at times surrounded and alone
dragging thier burden of stone.

Nephilhim Nephilhim
51-55, M
10 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Very heavy. Do you feel this way?

Carven stone speaks not
We imbue our thoughts on its' frozen visage.
Sometimes... it listens.

Everything I wanted to say, you put it so perfectly. Thank you!

I loved this. I'm going through a really hard time and I could relate.

This touched me...I feel alone all the time, sometimes more when Im in a room full of people then when actually alone. You wrote this beautifully...I am sure one day, your writing has to take you somewhere great

A vision not yet seen nor noticed, is simply a view one wishes to materialize to be more than the effortless thoughts involved in the invitation to ones secluded world of dreams and hopeful wishes

so meaningful and it rlates with me so well:)

stay strong:)

Thx but who now is hiding by making your profile incognito?

i know its doing that and i dont know how i tryed ti fix it but it didnt work

Amazing. :)

you are standing in a room full of people you are screaming at the top of your voice inside your head no one hears you no one notices the fear in your eyes so many people around you but you are all alone, i have been there my friend big hugs

wow! u r a great poet. thats why i admire u so much. leave me a number pls so that i can track u down

IF I was a good writer I would have been a published author long ago rather than sitting on my *** collecting govt checks