Tonight I Googled "lonely People" And That's How I Got Here

It's easy to feel okay when everyone else is around. It's only when I'm alone that I realize how sad I am, but by then there's no one around. It's a bit poetic, but mostly lonely. Somewhere between high school and college I forgot how to make friends; on nights like this where my roommates are gone and I've eaten every meal of the day alone I feel so hopeless. College is supposed to be the best time of your life but how can it be when you have maybe 2 friends, 3 tops? I can't wait until I'm old so that it's socially acceptable to be anti-social. I think if I were old enough to drink I would drink myself into oblivion. By the morning this will all just be a memory and the loneliness will linger but won't last. It's weird how much my emotions become heightened as the night grows old; it's easy to forget you're lonely in the day but by night the solitude makes my soul churn and tonight it just feels unbearable--tonight I'm inconsolable.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Sometimes you NEED to reach out. I get it. Here we both are.

Thanks for posting your story. I feel the same way you do tonight. I too forgot how to make friends somewhere along the way.