I keep trying to hold onto my keep my chin up...but I just feel so alone. I dont know whats wrong with me...I feel like I am a good person...caring...compassionate...understanding...but yet...I cant keep people in my life...Ive had so many friends who I called my sister...I felt like we were sisters...but then something happens and the next thing I know they leave...or they do somethng horrible to me and I have to kick them out of my life...and its so hard for me...Im sinking into this hole where I need a friend...I need something...but Im too scared to try to trust someone...It kills me that you can be like sisters with someone and then they just throw it all away like it didnt even matter to them. Im husband is a great guy and all...but he works a lot...becuz we have bills and I am a student...So like days like today...Ive been alone in my apartment since 8 am, its now 6 pm, so 10 hours....I tried to text a couple people I one responded...Ive just been all alone all day...this is almost every single saturday to me...Im sinking...I just...its hard to breath
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I know exactly what you feel.. I've felt that sense of lonliness and like you don't have a deep connection/friendship with another human.. it can make you feel very empty. I have trust issues as well, especially after being stabbed in the back by those you care about so many times.. it prevents you from opening up to others. But sometimes you have to take the risk of getting hurt so that you can meet someone genuine out there..

I can be your friend :) if you want to be my friend. We can exhange emails, or chat thru AIM, or even exchange #'s to text or talk sometime..

I have sisters but they're half sisters whom I didn't grow up with. I live near them now and it's wonderful to have them, but it's not the same as what they have with each other.

I would love to talk to you, you seem very nice : )

Hi Izabel, I read your story and its hard when you feel that doesnt it but just hold on to what you feel already and never stop believing you re a good compassionate person. I read your pain and dont forget to communicate. Keep smiling Izabel always its the best!