Lonely And Do Not Know What To Do

I lost my husband of 28 years five years ago I did remarry not sure that was the best idea but the thought of being all e was too much for me my children were grown and gone what was I to do my press t husband seemed so carrying and loving but then after a year it is like I do not exist no loving of any kind more li,e I am a sister to him nothing more I am so lonely I really do not know what to do just need someone to talk to I feel like I am worth nothing
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I do not have any real friends or anyone to talk too someone I can tell what I am feeling no one to ask advice on what way to Tue
Ram I really need a friend

you are not worth nothing....you are a woman and you are strong...you lost your husband and you are still going...im sorry that their isn't the loving any more in the new relationship, have you tried to telling him?...If your not happy with the situation I suggest you search inside yourself and try to figure out how to obtain what you need....I wish you the best.