I have no mental illnesses, but being around people for too long at any given time makes me feel lonely. This feeling is resolved somewhat when I am alone again, strange I know. I need time and space to think, because other people think too loudly. But yet I'd still like to find at least one person who I can connect with intellectually, emotionally, and perhaps creatively too.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

It is possible that the lonely feeling you get is coming from the people you are with. Many people engage well socially with the tension of "Am I good enough?" constantly running within them. They are lonely.

I had the same problem...if you keep going at it...eventually you will meet the person. One bit of advice however, as you get older you no longer need to seek out the same mental connection with others the same way as when you are younger. I think it because, eventually after decades, you find that it is something you no longer wish to share in the same way. You have already "figured" it all out. So..why am I saying. If you ever get married or want to get "serious" with someone. Try to also look at their lifestyle, what they value, their family, just how messed up they are...and try to factor those elements into your selection. I know easier said then done... :)