I'm All Alone

I battle depression and I am Bipolar. I don't have any friend, only know people from web. I can't have friends because of my condition because they don't understand what's like to have a mental problem. I tried to have friends before and had for a while only, they all abandoned me because they didn't bear my moan, my down's, one by one left me and now I have only my parents and family that love me. I feel like dying all the time...
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26-30, M
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

What starts your downs?

Dont mistake the simplicity of the question for lack of sympathy or a lack of consideration. I experienced both before I even decided to spend this moment in my life trying to specifically help you.

Theres something, or things, that sparks that downward spiral. Im all too familiar with it. One thing leads to another and suddenly its all s***.

Just consider what makes those feelings come up. Forget the "friends" who left. They have thier own issues now. Be brutally honest with yourself and find why you loose your footing at times.

Ask yourself: What makes you loose hope? What do you NEED to be at least contented or even happy?

My mental problems were passed on to me by my mother, she has dysthymia. These feelings can't be explained, they just come, and I believe my brain does not work properly...

Heck, I dont think anyones brain works correctly nowadays anyways. With all the toxins in our environment, we're all a little poisoned. But whatever the cause, you just have to stop reacting and think about the reasons you feel the way you do. Try to come up with an action that will make you feel better and then do it. Moving forward anyway you can, it helps. It helps me, I hope it helps you.