Today's Batch Of Blues Are Scaring Me?

Today is a strange mix of pretty much nothing so far, two cups a couple of puffs and cruze the screen for response. So I come along this strange thought that says man your life relates to nothing in society, you work , you work, but your alone in life so all you have is work everywhere you turn. I exist and go through the daily contact but I just don't seem to have connected to the game. I don't know how to say it, or scream it, What the HELL am I doing and what does it matter? Maybe its just the blues but its the story of my life, and it doesn't put any kind of smile on my face.The future says a big dose of the same as the past . It is kind of surreal standing in a crowd and not knowing anyone else and knowing no one knows you?
Riverside21 Riverside21
56-60, M
Dec 2, 2012