Crush Induced Insomnia.

Another night where I am having trouble sleeping due to my feelings for a girl at my workplace. I had a crush on her for a few months until around August time where I lost interest in her after seeing her make out with some guy at my boss' wedding. Now ironically, for the few months that I wasn't interested in her I actually talked to her a lot more. and now she knows I am a very depressed and sad individual sometimes and bod she is actually quite pnice to me. This niceness has made me like her again and I think about her. On he other hand, I will never really get a girlfriend and she is probably way too good for me but I can't help but think about her. I guess its just another chapter of. my life where I have an unrequited love for someone. Every time she mentions a boy or see her with someone, I get very bitter. But then I am that in general anyway I guess but still. If maybe j was able to get a girl I deserve to make me happy I'll forget about her and be happy her. But I know that won't happen. Ahh well, sleep will forever elude me.
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You have to take chances, ask her out. Then you're know, if you need to move on. You have to ask.

Trust me, I know. I know she'd say no but I just gave to move on. i thought I had moved on after seeing her get with someone. Guess I didn't. However, I was talking to her today and it turns out she officially has s boyfriend now. This has not helped me...

Then you know, look elsewhere. Quit being so negative! !!

Get involved in something, join a group or activity outside of work.

If you can tezll me of an activity where nice moderately attractive shy desperate girls hang out then I'm all ears. Until then, I think I'm entitled tobe somewhat maudelin no? I'm not even sad about this one girl, IRS just the fact that every single one of my crushes has been unrequited, after you get into double digits, it gets depressing.

Lol. Yes you must find the right lady for you. Are you religion? Do you like sports there are always teams to join that are mixed gender. Put your brain to work.

I gave no real interest that other people in my area are into and I'm not a big fan of common socialising, in fact I don' majorly like socialising with people in general, they irritate me. So yeah I got a lot going against me. I guess I just have to let fate do its thing. If I'm meant to die alone, so be it.

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