Who Peaks In Junior High/freshman Year?

Seriously? I just don't have it anymore. I've dealt with so much inner turmoil, turning constant negativity into positivity gradually, and so many low self esteem issues for so long, I don't know what to do to get my old self back. My old self made lots of friends and didnt do too badly with the fair s ex which was good because I wasn't ever so alone. I consider that part of me dead and the me I am now will forever grow into this same, but older version of me for the rest of my life. I can't stand this.. I know, "why do you even need to be in a relationship?" I don't, I just missed the times when someone cared. When someone would think of me. And I miss having someone to think about as well. I miss making someone feel special.
matiswest matiswest
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012