I Am Alone

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 6 months and everyting has been going down. I don't receive phone calls and when he sees me he looks and walks awy. At first I thought it was just 4 one day but I was wrong. We haven't spoken for about 2 weeks and I wasn't sure what 2 do. Yes we had a break-ups but they were for at least 2 minutes apart. He always told me that he loced me but it didn;t show. Ever since we stopped talking boyz from everywhere have been trying to get my number but i just refuse. I love him 2 death but i think its time to let go. I'm not sure but if its true love he'll come back.i WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM CUZ HE CHANGED ME BUT I THINK ITS BEST IF WE SEPERATE. BUT IF I COULD TELL HIM 1 THING I WOULD TELL HIM:
chinna4u chinna4u
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012