31 Years Too Many

i know im not the only one. Im sure there are many people with tragic past trauma. But i swore there has to be at least 1 day of happiness. Ive been alone for 31 years. No Girlfriends, No Lovers, No true friends... I know most my issues come from Me being fat... and im sure the more im alone , the more i get fat... Im currently lil over 600 lbs and am just at a point im sure life will never change. My mother died Jan 9th 95, My grandmother Jan 13th 02.... So if i am still here on Jan 11th 2013 and alone, then im sure im gonna end it. I know its pathetic to plan it like this, but i know i cant control anything else in this world. after 31 years of hating myself and the life ive lived, i might as well just quit.. ive tryed many times, and have the scars to prove it, but this time will be different...
Buddha600 Buddha600
3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Hey dude, checking to see if you're doing okay

That's a vicious cycle. :( Eating because you're depressed, and depressed because you're eating. At least you are reaching out here, so that's a start. You needed someone to listen and we are here for you.

dear buddha6oo you are very brave for sharing your feelings. you have truly suffered terrible traumas. today you have a voice and many people hear you .this is the beginning for you to connect and be heard. please share more of yourself.