hey friend..
i am starting smoking when i m 14th years old . for what i have going a school and i have three friend some name is zain,waqas,and zulfi .we have a greet fun in school live and we have so good and cool life , i am hate smoking and i hate when som people soming a cigret . once day my frien som name is zain his smoking and i say plz thro up this cigret and zain say his story , he say me dear zahid i am sad and i must cigreet , so i say why he say i have much problem in my life . i say thats no resson its you smoking .and his say hear this is my bad story i say okey and he say my mom lift me when i have 7th years old and my dad gona love with 2nd whman and he has marrige with her and she is my step mother she is work in polar and i am still work in home and my mom nt work in home and i work all home some coocking and cleaning all in some man cn work in home nobody love me i say that no truth brother look we love and this no good at u smoking he say if you smoking u know what is know. than i smoking and i say my friend i am soming therefore u smonig than thats day come some you can lift cigret . and he smaling and efter two years i have smoking so much and he lift smoking now i am 19 i am smoking and i lift my friend and his lift home and i have never met zain :) loveling day when we have school .

zahid jamil
loverkiss loverkiss
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012