My Loneliest Lows Are Dreadful.

My most recent one was really bad. Thank goodness EP was there. Sometimes I don't know why it feels so terrible to be lonely. The mind digs deep into your memories to prise out the worst ones, and you keep sinking like an iron ball. Nothing seems to work. Everyone needs friends, I guess. Can't do without them. Thank you my EP and my EP friends.
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I can relate to that all too well today.

I think loneliness is one of the most awful feelings there is, it makes us feel defeated and crushed...when we are lucky enough to find good friends and someone special to share life with it makes our souls sing and I hope you find that happiness soon :)

Back at ya! ^_^

Feeling lonely can certainly be bad. I hope it happens to you less frequently as you make good friends with people around you.

Aww - Om here - if you need a pair of listening ears and a mouth that can speak from similar experiences. Hang in there, my still unknowm friend!
Hugs from Stockholm, Sweden