Christmas is the time people spend with family and friends or girlfriends/boyfriends. I dread Christmas, being with my family for a week of constant comments on my weight or how I look. I wish I had someone i could just be with all Christmas, I bought Christmas presents for my family. Spent nearly 70 pounds and I haven't even got my mums yet, the fact I'd just been out which is a lot for me, since I get abuse were ever I go. I come in and they go " so what do you want for Christmas? More food? Or even bigger clothes as you can't fit in yours Hahaha" I wanted to throw the presents I got them I there faces. I wonder why I even try sometimes.
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

You are not silly just say what you think

Your welcome and always say to yourself that your beautiful no matter what. Being big or small doesn't make you any less than any one. And how are you feeling today?

Hi JUST IGNORE THEM. You are beautiful the way you are. If you don't feel comfortable being with them in Christmas just stay home and enjoy Ur yourself.