A Typical Morning

Crystal dew shimmers on the lawn
I rub my red puffy eyes
And take a big yawn
Move my glaze up to the skies
Darkness is all I see
I let myself suffocate under my thoughts
As a shadow behind me mutters, "let it be"
Every single strain full breath
Makes my chest tighten
Breathing gets harder to impossible
Im starting to get frightened
May this be the end, it is feasible
Drop to my knees
Throws my hands in the air
All I can manage is "no, please"
And "not yet" I want to see whats over there
The shadow behind me has a blank stare
"Where" He demands
A place where people care
A place where there is no demons
It has to exist, even if not yet
Ill make it exist because its got to
My breathing becomes calm
I push myself up
Wipe my forehead with my palm
Go on with my day
Sipping on the last drops of my hope left

IzabelKincade IzabelKincade
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Such an insightful and touching poem, thank you so much for sharing. I hope you will post again. We are all stronger than we realise. Sometimes it takes our toughest situations to test how strong we remain. Thank you again.

Beautiful poem.....hard to walk our paths at times, however always worth the effort.