Talk To Me?

I just feel so lonely, like everyone has forgotten about me or they just got bored, I don't know anymore
but I really just want to talk to someone, but truly talk, not just chit-chat, and I really think it's not too much to ask
I just need someone who I can say everything to, and who feels the same and just needs someone to talk to as well
I can't, I truly can't stand this silence anymore, it's killing me
I try talking to people but I just feel like I'm annoying them because they seem like they're never in a mood for talking with me, so I just stopped, I stopped talking first to people
and they call me shy and quiet all the time, but when I do try and talk/do basically ANYTHING that requires socialness, they do that, they just look like they're uncomfortable and like they really want to say "oh just get out of my face UGH" but they're being nice enough to not actually do that
I just feel really really lonely and I don't know what to do about it.
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Maybe get involved with a charity organization in your spare time...those sorts of people are usually more respectful than it seems people have been to you. I hope you don't stop reaching out to others and I wish you the best.

I know just how you feel. ):