My cracks are a part of me, some good and some very ugly.

I do not require a blinded eye when you find the ugly, but I would

I appreciate a little empathy. Funny how when others are lonely

and down, your always there without a frown, but in my case you

choose to adjourn delivering your sentence with very little room for

repentance, or concern. I do not project perfection, for I know none

whom have reach that mecca of ascension. For growth is always in

continuum. I am that I am, and for this I do despair. Now my cracks in

diameter or width may not measure up to yours when compared. You

do so easily pontificate on my ugly cracks, which leaves me feeling

quite the derelict, contemplating is it your own self worth, or mine

your validating.

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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Beautifly written!

Thank you...

Enjoyed your story. Yes, we all have our cracks. I have some big cracks that need some filling.
Thanks for, yet, another wonderful story.

Straight from my life to your eyes....thank you Kee:)

its okay. we're all beautiful with our cracks!

Trying to mend some of those ugly ones....thank you;)

well even if they heal, you'll have scars. adn theres nothing wrong with that.