Im Adam im a fifteen year old in sophomore year high school. I spend the majority of my day doing homework and about 5-6 hours per night sleeping. Im tired. I have a few friends but i dont really think they like me. I went to a different middle school as everyone in my school but i moved in between middle and high school so everyone just assumes i went to the other middle school and it is hard to make friends because of how cliquey everyone at my school is. Ok im off to do homework thank you for your time I just wanted to get the off my chest... as if people on the internet could actually make me feel loved i dont know... goodnight everyone
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Got through school the same way. Ended up homeschooling for my years 11 and 12. Yeah I could probably not make you feel loved instantaneously but I could tell you how I wrote about 10 minutes ago up here the first time letting things out. I expected something exactly like you. Someone to make me feel loved. So hey I got your back Talk to me I'll love you through it.

Just try to be friendly and nice to other people. be helpful and thoughtful. smile. sometimes its hard to find friends but theres many people around you that may need a friend just like you. were all human and i think in the end that we all want to be connected to other people and do better when we socialize in a positive manner.

I know what it feels like to be alone, but the one think you don't do to feel accepted is to change the way you are, personality wise! Try to find people with the same interests as you and build a friendship. There will be people who won't like you in this world, but why focus your attention on them? Just be yoirself my friend and stay strong!

Love, Kitty