Here I Am On My Cloud. All Alone

I always loved that beautiful concept that friendship is forever, and that a true friend will stick by you no matter what. I guess though in my case it doesn't really apply. Most of the people who come into my life, and claim to be my friends are usually the title in name only. There isn't really any support, interest, trust, or genuine happiness for one another. Just a lot back stabbing, boyfriend stealing, or the usually lies being spread around the rumor mill. Which in the end most of the time I either end everything by stop talking to the person after a while or ultimately betrayed. At first when things like that started to happened I just accepted and just rolled with the punches, but now I am just tired of being alone and questioning my judgment. I just want a friend, a real friend. Sounds kind of pathetic right?

Maybe it is, but it is too much to ask for someone who is loyal, fun, a little understanding, willing to listen to in the same capacity as I would listen to them. I just want something genuine, and real without having to cross the line into some sexual territory. I don't want to weed my way through all fakes who want to use or take from me anymore. I am tied of all that. I'm tired being on my little cloud all by lonesome. For once I wanna close eyes, reach out my hand, and feel someone gripping back.
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im sending you a big hug xx

Awww...aren't you sweet. ^^

Hi thanks for adding me.
I hope I will be able to offer some friendship, all be it from a distance.
You seem like a deep and lovely person, stay like that and remain your good self, things will work out.

If ur reaching out 4 gripping another hand; I'm outstretching mine just 4 u! Mine's been hanging out in blank space 4 awile!!! Sherry

^^ Thank you. That's sweet. Whether her online, or in RL. I would totally reach out my hand to you. You seem like you would make an amazing friend.

I truly know how u feel, just so u know u can tlk 2 me anytime u'd like! Sherry

Real friends are rare, if you manage to have one true life long friend consider youself blessed.

Honestly I will when the time comes. When I was kid I always wanted a friendship like the ones in the classic Disney movie. Where even you go through the hardships of life, some how some way your friendship comes out stronger for it. I know sounds a bit cheesy and a bit friendship style hopeless romantic, but its what I want. And when I do find it, I'll count my blessings.

you'll find true friends. It's trial and error.. There are good people out there.. Just harder to find.