I thought I had friends. I was mistaken. No one has contacted me for months. I could be dead for all they know or care. This is terrible. How did I end up this way?
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Maybe they're thinking the same thing? Some people aren't the type to reach out, so maybe you could initiate things...Re establish those connections and see what happens.

I did that with one person. Actually, I wrote several letters, and they did contact me once or twice in 3 or 4 years. After I wrote the letters, it was several weeks before I heard from them. That particular person is always telling me how busy they are. Busy, busy, busy...I wouldn't want to interrupt their busy day with a phone call and they certainly can't pick up the phone and call me. It would take 5 minutes out of their busy day. I sound angry. I am. I said to myself "What is the point in trying to have any sustained relationship with them since they are so busy?" I get the point they are just to busy for me. grrrrrrr This person is a much loved close family member. Now if I were her mother-in-law, I could call her 20 times a day and she would not be to busy to talk. I know the mother-in-law calls at least that many times because I've been there & heard the phone ring off the hook.

Currently I am in the exact same situation as you are. I got sick a while ago and it's as if no one even knows me. I had to leave school and no one contacted me or even asked me how I was. It hurts and you feel disconnected form the world.

I'm sorry to hear that. When you return to school, what are you going to do? Are you going to continue with those people? For me, I'm confused. I hope your well or getting well. Right now, to cheer me up, I'm watching Duck Dynasty. I think that show is really funny. I've just discovered it.

Yeah, hope you're doing better too.

If I go back to school it won't be for another year or so. Because of where I live I will either have to repeat my Leaving Certificate (which are grades and points you need to get into college), or wait four years to get into college as a mature student. Only three people I went to school with (out of nine) kept in touch with me, it was strange because our relationship seemed to get better after that. Then about two months ago another one of my old friends (A girl who actually did keep in touch with me) was diagnosed with Crones and realized how I felt, especially seeing as I was the only one who visited her in hospital, our relationship got better after that. It takes a while to get out of the rut and to get over the fact that some of your friends aren't true friends.
What makes me feel better is watching Disney princess films! XD That or Star Trek.

I have false friends too. I text and call them but they never bother with me. Only one seems to want to be with me and we don't have much in common and she has other friends. I like her but she doesn't make me laugh and i like a good laugh. I make the effort with most of my friends yet they don't bother with me most of the time, only when they want something. I know, it sucks. Good people are often lonely

I know...What's the point in contacting them anymore? I guess it's time to move on. It's really hard to meet people. I live in a really small town with not many places to meet people. Oh, well....What can I say.

It's been dreary and rainy here all day so I slept and watched TV this afternoon. The only thing I did today worthwhile was pay a bill and go to the store for a couple of things. Tomorrow I hope I go to the gym & workout. I've got to go to the store tomorrow & use my $5.00 coupon. Wippee whippee.....At least those are my plans now.

Can't answer your question but can say if you need a friend to chat with I'm here for you!

We can chat anytime we are online together.