I Hate Being Alone.

Last year around this time i was with the girl of my dreams. Everything i could have ever wanted. She dumped me just before the summer and i had put it to the back of my mind until recently. The closer it gets to christmas and my birthday (2days after christmas) the more lonly i get. She was staying with me durring this time last year and that was by far my greatest christmas ever. She had this was of making me smile and making me feel complete. I have ptsd and i get flashbacks on a regular basis. Almost every knight. She was always able to snap me put of it and even prevent it. Im just not sure what to do anymore the flashbacks keep getting worse. Sorry im getting a bit side tracked. I just mis everything about her.. Her greenish grey eyes, long brown hair, her beautiful smile, her giggle.... Damn i miss her giggle. I cant write about this anymore. Thankyou everyone for reading this.
OdinsOtherSon OdinsOtherSon
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2012