One Of A Kind Isn't Always So Great...

As a kid being one of a kind or unique is considered amazing. Your suppose to be unique and grow as whatever type of person you choose to be. When you become your own individual personality they cheer and entourage your growth.

Then whay as an adult do those who are different get put down, hurt, and ridiculed. Personally I am a young girl who never fits into any line. Im suppose to be unique as long as I don't push my mother or should I say her religion's boundary. Im an african american but ive always loved heavy metal, neon colored hair, tattoos, Japanese culture and style, and just all kinds of crazy stuff. I love it and think its amazing yet whenever anyone gets close enough to know me its weird. A lot of times people say I should act my color but why the hell should my color define me. I hard enough to get through a day without at least one person asking me a question or looking at me crazy (and I don't even dress half the way I really want to). I even wish I was normal so at least my mother would accept me and not criticize me.

I just wish there was at least one person in my whole state who could understand.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I may not be in your state. But I definitely understand.