Life In The Village With My Grandmom

I have lived in the village with my grandmom ever my parents had divorced and left i and my sister with my grandmom.My grandmom although very old loved her grandchildren and would do anything for us although nature never treated us well we had to go begging for food to eat and it was through this that we lost my junior sister as she was poisoned,so i am the only one left and that granny will make sure that i am filled and not go begging.I LOVE HER very much that i sacrificed my education to look over her after i was sucked from school although i will love to return so as to become someone great in future and buy everyrthing that she desire in the world and that i thank the lord for giving me such a grandmom and i pray that she will be with me for long............LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU GRANDMOM.
Tunde1 Tunde1
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012