New Girl With Burned Bridges

I moved to this tiny town about a year ago, and still really haven't made any friends. I am partially to blame (I could put myself out there more), but the circumstances don't help either. I work at home, which is new for me too. I was always good at making friends at work. Because the town is so small, there are rarely even other people at the gym when I work out. A good portion of the population is either older families, or men in town to work temporarily. It makes it a little hard to find a female companion aged 21-30. I have no problem making friends with different types of people, it just hasn't happened. Back "home" (where I lived before this small town), I don't have many friends, anymore. I tried to keep up the communication long distance (4 hrs is a ways away), but it's difficult to stay motivated when the initiation is one-sided. My "best friend" from back "home" is kind of a ****** person to be honest. I kept trying to hold on, only to be let down by her and her negative and pessimistic attitude. I actually don't want to even get into all the mean things she would say to me. She did tell me one time, when we were VERY intoxicated, that she was jealous of me. She is also very unhappy with her life, and misery loves company. I think I'm finally ready to let her go from my life. I won't be mean about it; I just won't actively pursue a friendship.
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You know, it honestly feels good just hearing something encouraging...thanks guys, I really mean that!

Hang on. Pain Ends (H.O.P.E.). I think that is very good of you to move on from your 'best friend'... that doesn't sound healthy at all. Stay strong! Currently fighting the 'lonely' feeling too, and I'm living in a big town! We are all here for you, /hugs

Sorry to hear about what you are going through. Clearly, I don't know your friend very well, but hopefully you can find new friends where you are now. Don't limit yourself to 25-30 years of age bracket. If you happen to meet new friends that are older than you then think of it as a new adventure...

I have a feeling that you will meet new friends.. Hang in there