No Place For The Lost

What can be said? What can be done? We the people feeling as if we have no place in this world. We wander in many scenes through our eyes and our minds. We see what we chose to see. The gravity of our lives keeps us far apart from each other. The weights of time and future breaks our souls. We let the darkness of life consume us and keep us from finding any of the light. The pain constant and sharp never stopping for even a moment. These are the walls that are never broken the walls that need to be destroyed. It's only when these walls are only ashes and dust that we the lost can finally can stop wandering and asking the questions we ask everyday. What can be said? What can be done? The questions we ask ourselves when we just want to end the loneliness that controls our lives.
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

This was very beautiful, i'm not sure if this is something you've written that mirrors how you feel, or just a nice piece of writting. But more often then not the best inspiration comes from experience.

The pain of loneliness isn't permanent. At least for me...I become numb, and very apathetic after a while. The thing is loneliness can't control your life unless you directly give it permission to. If you're a more weak minded person and find it difficult to get out there, keeping your mind occupied is the best way to combat the pain of loneliness until it subsides and you become a hollow human being like myself.

I was also very lonely before, but i forced myself out there. I quickly met a lot of people was hanging out, going to shows. I joined a band and even played a few gigs myself. Then i quickly fell into a hole of isolation i dug for myself yet again and found myself back to square one. I'm about three and a half months into pretty much no real social interaction.

It's better to conquer yourself then to win a thousand battles. I love that quote because i found it to be very true. The first step is always the hardest but i plan on conquering myself again, and as the failures i meet along the way wont be for nothing, because i'll learn the lessons from each one.

I wrote this because for the most part it's about how I feel on most days of my life but it also is a reminder of how much I want to change

Your welcome but no different then anyone else I'm just someone with another view of the world