Do You Remember ???

Hey do you remember the first time You said you love me maybe no but i still remember your every word i still remember when i talk to you, when you make me smile, i still remember every moment i had spent with you because every moment i had spent with you is like the best moment, do you remember once you said to me " I will keep trying to change your mind " and when i asked you are not going to move on from me aren't you? you said yeah never.... But see now u moved, u left me, you said you care for me but see now you don't care for me, now you don't love me anymore..... You know since you left me i really don't feel anything i watch tv but your words they keep revolving in my mind it feels like you are still with me, it feels like you still love me,When i log in here i always hope maybe you have sent me a mail and maybe you come and say to me hey i miss you and maybe you come and say can't we be friends again? , i know you moved and you asked me to moved too but you know i find it very hard and maybe impossible because you are not a person who makes me feel good and make me smile, it's impossible because you are the one who make me feel alive and now i am feeling dead and alone, do you remember our little chats that we used to talk i save them as drafts i read them daily,it feels like you are still talking to me, when i read them i smile and at the same moment i cry i smile because once i had you and i cry because i lost you, i know i said i hate you when you left me but i didn't mean it i was mad i still love you but hey i am not asking you to love me back  because i know you love someone else now and you are happy, do you remember what i used to say before logging off i just want you to be happy, you are happy now i don't want anything you are happy that's enough for me however sometimes i want to be the reason behind your happiness, you know you will be always in my thoughts till the end maybe even then, i will never forget you, i am never gonna stop loving you never ever, I don't know you are reading this or not but hey,

Do you still remember me or anything?

I wrote this for you :-

You Are The One I Couldn't Forget

Even At The Last Breath I Take

you Are The One My Heart Longs For

Because I Found Real Joy In You

You Are The One I Will Love So True

You Are The One I Needed Most

You Light My Life And Turn It Right

And Put A Music In My Heart

How Can I Thank You For All The Things

And For The Love You Have Given Me?

I Can Never Ask For More Because

My Life Has Been complete Since





I MISS YOU..........
Slowlifee Slowlifee
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That's impressive