Im an artist and It sure can get lonely (o_o)

If your thinking about doing music as a career, I'm not saying it's going to automatically kill your social life and make you lonely (this is my experience).This is not meant to, in ANY way turn off aspiring artist. As always if you have a true passion, go for it and Never Give Up! I'll support you all the way! (In my case I have an extreme passion for it and it's my career choice. )

As I said, have this extreme passion and with it comes an endless hunger for achieving higher standards. ( i could talk more about this but actually there's a video that explains the situation nicely & brief. Ill put the link at the end. )
THE POINT IS --> I begin to find myself immersed in MUSIC and Its not allowing me to have much of a social life!.. At the moment I don't realize it, but that is until something brings back memories of when I had friends and spent time with them. (What a GAP i begin to feel in my life). The bright side is I'm more inspired lol. .. Don't get me wrong the work pays off, however this social thing is killing me. IM LONELY, and it's a fact. Only about once every other week i get to see people MY AGE because everyone is in school during the day (I'm 17 and because of music I'm not attending regular day school) ... I seem to always be around people a lot older and with them it's all serious and no fun and games; only once in a while do i get the treat of meeting fun kid-like adults, but it's rare. (hah I'm serious, I never want to grow up =] ) Ultimately I could say that this could either be a sacrifice im taking for tmy passion but then again i am human and I can't be lonely all my life . That's were im at now and those are my thoughts!
If you read it, thanks & I'm quite surprised actually.
Tips Welcome!

Here's the link for the video i mentioned:

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Dec 11, 2012