all i wont is to be happy i find it so hard to go up to girls and talk to them why is it so hard
breams breams
26-30, M
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I completely understand !!! If I see anyone even giving me the slightest attention I turn into a complete idiot my legs turn to jelly I stutter and make a fool of myself so I give up and started talking to people on line as you can hide behind you screen and say how you feel and not be judged :( but its the easy way out and should just be an option/back up just keep trying as I am and I'm sure we will get better with each try

I have a similar problem, but it's starting a conversation with ANYONE in general. Personally I'm scared or making a fool of myself or being rejected. But I find it easier to chat with people here it's not as intimidating!
So Im here :) if you ever get lonely and just want someone to talk to!