All Alone

Well it's that time if year again. Were we are suppose to be happy. The presents glisen under the lights of the Christmas tree and all I want is a women to share my life with. To cuddle, to love, to **** till the sun comes up, and to share ideas, theories,and whatever comes to mind. But once again I dream of something that feels so far away.
nightwatcher13 nightwatcher13
26-30, M
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I feel much the same. Long forgotten what a happy Christmas is like. Now I watch the rest of the family unwrap their presents .. nobody gets me anything anymore, not because I'm too hard to buy for, but just because I'm at the bottom of everyone's list. And in the end, the lack of presents isn't what makes Christmas so bad. It's not having someone special to share any of it with. Here in Australia Christmas is in summer, and I'd love nothing more to have someone to go and sit down by the water with, have a nice dinner with, go and look at the Christmas lights with, maybe even go and listen to the Christmas concert that they have on in the park on the waterfront every year. Seems like all simple stuff, but I've never been able to find someone to share any of it with. And of course, someone to buy a little present for ... but, huh, it will be just another Christmas lost this year.

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