Forever Alone

I am 18 years old and currently in college. I can not say i have never had friends because i did in elementary and some middle school. However when i reached high school things changed. I have no friends whatsoever. I dont know why people just never talk to me or want to really hang out. I turn to relationships to ease the pain of lonliness but it's is not working out because it is in those relationships that i feel the most lonely. I just want to be accepted for me. I just want to talk to someone who understands and listens to my problems for once like i listen to everyone elses. I don't know if i am on the right site for this. I just typed in chat rooms for lonely people. It is just loneliness hurts. It hurts not having someone to talk to and laugh with. It hurts watching all these people have fun with their friends while you just sit there wishing to join them. I am not sure why i am writing this, but i am hopeing that there is someone on here that understands the painfullness of lonliness.
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Dec 11, 2012