I Am Lonely

I'm 19 years old, I've been searching for one thing all this time a friend, all i need is a friend someone who can understand me, who'll listen to me when i'm sad when i have problems when i need him he'll be there for me, i'll be always there for him. I don't know everytime i thought that i found one i found myself all by myself left behind, i thought that may be it was my fault that i must change, but no it was the same ending, but why is it so difficult to help eatch ather to be there for eatch ather, no one is perfect but we try to be a good person so can't we help eatch ather ? All I need is a friend I'm goind crazy sitting here alone, with no one who understand me, I'm losing hope, and i don't know who to trust anymore but I feel that i don't deserve that I'm a nice person and i work hard to satisfy people aroud me to make them proud of me, but why in the end I'm still left alone ? What shoul i do to have a friend with me a friend who will love me the way I am, that one who will always dry my tears, even when i'm smiling he'll know that i'm bleeding inside. I want a friend I really need one I can't take it anymore, I can't be lonely anymore.... :(
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okay this one takes the cake, i am also 19 going on 20 and i've feel the same way as you, except i'm in your shoes. i want someone to share time with, and give all this pent up love that i have deep in my heart thats ready to explode like a nuclear bomb. i want a person who i can be there for and there for me. a person who's willing to work with my flaws and insecurities because of girls that have hurt me so bad. but at the same time, i'm afraid of getting hurt again. but i want to be with a person thats in it for the long hall and willing to go through some bad times that we could experience and enjoy the good. but i'm tired or being lonely, im tired of playing these endless loops in my head, i just want to feel okay again with someone who loves me and wants to be with me by my side. but in the end... all we have in this life is each other.

You know something, I have felt the same way you do my whole life and I prayed, hoped, and wished for some companion my whole life. People came and went and now I am basically trying to get to a place where I can be happy most of the time and make myself happy instead of demanding others to do it for me. People have their own troubles ya know?
But today I had a realization; I found great comfort and connection in the presence of animals.
I went to the lake and decided to feed the ducks with the few crackers I had and it was so much fun. They surrounded me and got real close to me and I even got to put a cracker in one of the geese's mouth lol.
So animals can really take loneliness away sometimes. Because for those few minutes, I forgot my problems lol.

can i be yr friend

definitely with pleasure :)

have you found one? No worries... he will emerge, as a ghost.

if he'll be a good friend why not :)) but thanks