Three Things To Consider

Last night, I saw parts of a program on sex in space. Sheryl Bishop of the University of Texas pointed out that -paraphrasing, I think I have it right- in order for humans to function properly, they need three forms of intimacy. The first, I believe she said, was psychological-I interpreted that as fundamental support that one gets from friendships and marriage/partnerships. The other two were emotional and physical. For those of us who are lonely, in "sexless" marriages, etc., I think that we are missing at least one of those three-or parts of all.

I certainly am missing the emotional and psychological in my "sexless" marriage-I am permitted to get laid regularly as long as I do 95% of the work. Ok-99%. Although, it still misses some of the physical as well. The warm hugs-just because, the flopping down next to me or cuddling. Even the gentle touch to the face, or warm smile. There have been times when people put their hands on my shoulders from behind, and I just feel like melting. God do I miss a nice massage once in a while. I've had a knot in my shoulder for years. And so on. If I don't do it in our "intimate" relationship, it doesn't get done.

But I've been dealing with this for a long time. What's the difference in the last 20-24 months that I have had trouble-since I hit the wall?

Not sure, but I certainly do not have the psychological connections-the network of people that I used to deal with regularly in a previous work environment. Maybe that's why I'm not functioning at an acceptable level. The only cure for that is to get out, and network.(sorry, my EP buddies-I value you more than you know, but it is after all, through a computer screen) But I must finalize some preparations first. No, I'm not procrastinating-I just need to complete some structure. Which means I need to focus and be diligent. And the evil cycle turns again...
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51-55, M
Dec 13, 2012