Always Silent

I'm alone even when I'm surounded by people. i have family and friends who love me there is no doubt about it, but they dont get me.
i work with some guys who are older than me. they are my friends and habe been for a while now but in our relationship im still the new guy. these two will talk and laugh about things that have happened before.i was.part.of their group about what they did when they were hanging out before. they do this whhen im there and i know i wasnt there and cant join in. so i sit there for.a while awkwardly for.a while compleltly silent and then leave they dont remember im there.
this kills me. it makes me think that ill never really belong. im tired of no one caring what i have to say. tired of everybody forgeting im around and tired of being alone.
Alwaysalone3 Alwaysalone3
Dec 13, 2012