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What I Feel Now ...

At the moment I am looking out the window realising that it's as cold outside as I am inside . After 3 years with you , the next 6 months without felt like an eternity .Although everyone said that you are not worth it , deep , in my heart I could forgive you ....because u are the one thing that I truly loved in my life .This is even stranger because you are also the person that made me suffer more than anything . I am not blaming only you , I also had my part because I should've done things differently ...perhaps making you see what you were doing and not get pissed ...I honestly don't know .Although all this happened I consider myself as being an equal to you ,not above and I still respect you . You were my other half , the woman I loved (and still do ) and I tought higher of you at all times .Out of pure respect and love ,not even now when we are not together,I still kept my promise ...that I will always be yours truly ... .Even though people may not see behind my mask , I am all torn appart and full of scars by this dreaded disease of the soul called regret .But maybe this is what makes us human and what make us realize that God must exist ...otherwise how can we describe what we feel in moments like these ? God is the only one alongside me in this tough moments .All I can say to you all people is that no matter what or when , think of the person who is near you, in all ways and appreciate the sacrifices him/she made for you .When you learn to do this you know what love is .I will never forget her , never . Even in the last moment of my life she will still be a part of me because she is the other me ....
kain1990 kain1990 22-25 Dec 14, 2012

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