Lonely And Confused

As I posted in another group, I am going through a broken engagement. It is very new to me only being 6 days. I feel so alone in this situation, and cannot even force myself to be happy. He seems as if he is unphased and is enjoying his newly single life. I should be happy that he's happy right? Well in reality nothing is that easy. I try to force a smile but it doesn't show. I try to be positive but that thought creeps up thinking, will I never see this man again? He was the love of my life my soulmate the father of my kids in the future. What do you do when your life falls apart in front of your eyes and the person making you hurt seems content?
Distraughtgirl Distraughtgirl
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Please do take one day at a time. Hold your head high and know this - If he is going around unphased and enjoying life, he was NEVER comitted to YOU ! There is greener grass. Forget him and look for someone who will really love you. He is prolly closer than you think. Look around..

sorry to hear this. But you should hold your head high and think there is going to be a much better man that is going to come into your life and he will sweep you your feet. You can also prey to god, he will take care of your grief and suffering.
Keep smiling and don't let anyway make you feel low. xx