Lonely Mother

Hi I live in a suburb in Sydney. two of my children do not speak to me and I do not understand why. My other two sons live interstate. they ring me all the time and are good to me. they tell me not to worry about the other two as they are spoilt. I love all my children and I miss the other two a lot, especially since my son died at the age of 12 and now it feels like I have lost 3 children. I rang my ex-husband and he said not to worry about them and that I was a good mother. I was very pleased to hear him say that. I live by myself and I suffer from anxiety attacks and for this reason do not go out much. My best friend died two years ago. My other friend lives quite a bit away from me so I do not get to see her much. I get so lonely. I wish I could met someone my age in my area that maybe we could have cups of tea together and talk. If anyone knows someone who is a senior in the area would you please contact me.
thank you
lonelymum1 lonelymum1
Dec 15, 2012