I haven't had a boyfriend in a....while, I miss being told "I love you" I miss the hugs and kisses and body touching I miss all those memories.... I'm lonely.. I want somebody , I need love, I need him..... <'3
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I've been single for a while and take it from me I know that there is no need to worry because there is always someone that is meant for everyone. The problem is finding that person. I wish you luck :)

Random love giving of the day to you then...: I loves you :3 xD. Be happy :P Everything will get better in time :) new people, new loves

Hang on, time moves slowly when you're young. A day is forever and a month is eternity.

I miss my ex tooo..i can understand ur feelings..

You need the passionate deep kisses due to your mind and body..
You also require to be fxxxked deep and lovably orgasming all night to release the pent up passions in you..

I miss being treated like I'm loved my ex to be says it but doesn't Act it.

I miss my ex too at times~ you been by the way...anything/anyone new on the current horizon?

Ya..m new to this horizon list :(

Kindly add me as a friend Thanks

I hope that some1 will give you all the love you desire...

just keep searching hes looking for you to :)

while i can understand how u feel...i shud remind u that there will be a lot of guys to tell u that they love u..but only one specific guy who means dont jst jump into relationships unless u feel it from inside that u r with the rite guy...and to understand that u will need be patient...u hav no other option

Same here.. i get how you feel..

Yeah... it is hard not having been told that for a long time - I know exactly how you feel. But you shouldn't rush into any relationships just because you're lonely - you'll find somebody.

If you ever need somebody to talk to, feel free to send me a message. I know how it feels to be in your position, so if I can help you vent then I'd be more than happy to offer my support.

Oh baby ... you will surely get someone...