The Lonelyness That Divides A Family

I don't know how or when it started but I have always been a caring person ready to give all for the people I cared about but once something went wrong in my life I realized that no one was there for me. I found someone that I love unconditionally and would do anything for but after a year of marriage I am feeling that incomplete alone feeling again. I am in the military and it doesn't help that I see my wife only a few hours a day and on top of that we don't talk either. I don't have any friends because I move a lot and I can't stand that feeling of saying goodbye to someone. I know I am the reason I am lonely but I don't know how to stop isolating myself. I would love someone to talk to sometime so maybe I can set my mind to ease.
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I can relate. My family stood me up for Thanksgiving and since then I've been very distant. My dad and stepmom are divorcing after almost 20 years of marriage and both very unhappy so I can't really talk to them. My best friend got married and forgot all about me so now it's just me and my fiancé but he travels with his job so only see him on weekends. I isolate myself as well. The older I get the less I want to be bothered. Chatting with strangers seems easy so if you need to vent just come here. Know that you're not alone.

Hello. Just wanted to reply and say you're not alone. It's good to connect with people on here who feel the same. I've isolated myself a great deal and lost friends as I'm sick of the one making all the effort and then getting let down. I hope you find some comfort in sharing your story.

Thank you I really do hope things getting better too. I just always feel like time goes on and as it does everyone I have ever cared about forgets me. I called one of my best friends that I grew up with last night and he didn't remember me. There is just always that feeling of complete and utter isolation that I get when I talk to people.

I know how you feel. I had a fall out with my best friend as she always seemed concerned with money and herself. I had to book a slot in her calender when she was free to see her. I got tired of always being the one making all the effort. We're speaking now but she's made herself new friends and I feel cut out and haven't see her for 6 months. I think the friendship has run it's course, but it's hard feeling so alone again. I feel less isolated for posting on here, so I hope it's helped you a little too.