I am one of the few people my age who doesn't have a single friend I can call up and talk to or go hang out with. I spend my days in class then go to work, and come home to my empty room. When my coworkers ask how my weekend went, every once in a while I make up something so it's not obvious that I'm a hermit crab. My roommates have friends, my classmates have friends, but no, not me.

I don't want to feel isolated, I desperately want people to hang out with/talk with/go out with. I've tried, but no one wants to reciprocate. So I've given up. Next year when I move, I'll try again- this time join some sports teams or take adult learning classes
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Id love to be friends with you!


Just wanted to say that I have great empathy and feel your pain completely. I am not 'out' completely because of the fear of losing my friends. Gradually I have been able to be myself to more people but it is very difficult. If you want to share experiences and feelings with me then my email is [] take care and always try to be happy. Love Reg xx

I feel your pain, I am friendless too, but I'm friendless living in another state. When I was back home, I had people to talk to and hang out with but unfortunately living in another state and in a relationship where I don't feel comfortable talking to those people and the relationship being questionable of lasting, it makes it hard to not be so lonely. In this state there's a different class of people I'm not used to and because it's so different it makes it hard for me to make friends or for people to be friends with me. What also makes it bad is that I'm not able to go anywhere to even make friends that I can talk to cause I don't have a car. I feel for you and I hope your pain of loneliness goes away and you have many friends. There's hope, just be yourself and you'll find that true friend that will be there for you and wanna call, go shopping and console you. I'm crossing my fingers for that to happen for you and all of us who are friendless. There's a friend out there for each of us. Hell, I'll even be your friend, seem like we share a common misery :)

thanks for your kind words :)

You are welcome

If you need someone to talk to I can talk to you I'm in North America and can call you for free if you're also in North America.

Aren't your roommates your friends? Do you join them when they're home, or do you head to your room?